Lafayette Music Room

2119 Madison Avenue

Events at this location


sat24jul6:00 pmBluff City Bandits6:00 pm CST

sat24jul10:00 pmFormerly Known As10:00 pm CST

sun25jul11:00 amJoe Restivo 411:00 am CST

sun25jul3:00 pmBrimstone Jones3:00 pm CST

sun25jul7:00 pmRadiomaze7:00 pm CST

mon26jul6:00 pmLandon Lane & The Ivories6:00 pm CST

tue27jul6:00 pmJohnnymaestro’6:00 pm CST

wed28jul6:00 pmBreeze Cayolle & New Orleans6:00 pm CST

thu29jul8:00 pmSaliva8:00 pm CST

fri30jul6:00 pmRock the Boat6:00 pm CST

fri30jul10:00 pmSix Feet Thunder10:00 pm CST

sat31jul6:00 pmDriver6:00 pm CST

sat31jul10:00 pmWALRUS10:00 pm CST


sun01aug11:00 amJoe Restivo 411:00 am CST

sun01aug3:00 pmJeffrey and The Pacemakers3:00 pm CST

sun01aug7:00 pmSteve Hopper7:00 pm CST

thu05aug7:00 pmThe Long Run - America's Favorite Tribute to the Eagles7:00 pm CST

fri06aug10:00 pmAlmost Elton John & The RocketMen10:00 pm CST

sat07aug7:00 pmThe Kattawar Brothers with special appearances Wesley "Lightning" Wilson and Ashley Rose7:00 pm CST

sat07aug10:00 pmChase Tyler Band10:00 pm cst

sun08aug11:00 amJoe Restivo 411:00 am CST

sun08aug7:00 pmTab Benoit & The Whiskey Bayou Revue7:00 pm CST

mon09aug6:00 pmMemphis Knights Big Band6:00 pm CST

tue10aug6:00 pmRoyal Blues Band Jam6:00 pm CST

wed11aug7:00 pmCountry Comedy Night ft. Dusty Slay & Friends7:00 pm CST

thu12aug7:00 pmKris Lager Band7:00 pm CST

fri13aug6:00 pmAmber McCain Band6:00 pm CST

fri13aug10:00 pmTwin Soul10:00 pm CST

sat14aug6:00 pmRivaling Dixie6:00 pm CST

sat14aug10:00 pmSeeing Red10:00 pm CST

sun15aug11:00 amJoe Restivo 411:00 am CST

sun15aug3:00 pmSwingtime Explosion Big Band3:00 pm CST

sun15aug3:00 pmNightcall3:00 pm CST

mon16aug6:00 pmScott Sudbury6:00 pm CST

tue17aug6:00 pmJon & Kory6:00 pm CST

wed18aug7:00 pmBilly Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters7:00 pm CST

thu19aug7:00 pmRoxi Love7:00 pm CST

fri20aug6:00 pmCruisin’ Heavy Acoustic6:00 pm CST

fri20aug10:00 pmKevin & Bethany Paige10:00 pm CST

sat21aug6:00 pmRadiomaze6:00 pm CST

sat21aug10:00 pmAquanet10:00 pm CST

sun22aug11:00 amJoe Restivo 411:00 am CST

sun22aug3:00 pmBrimstone Jones3:00 pm CST

sun22aug7:00 pmBreeze Cayolle & New Orleans7:00 pm CST

mon23aug6:00 pmBuddy Nemenz of Almost Famous6:00 pm CST

tue24aug6:00 pmRock the Boat6:00 pm CST

wed25aug8:00 pmHINDER8:00 pm CST

thu26aug7:00 pmThree Star Revival7:00 pm CST

fri27aug6:00 pmPam & Terry6:00 pm CST

fri27aug10:00 pmWALRUS10:00 pm CST

sat28aug6:00 pmRice Drewry Collective6:00 pm CST

sat28aug10:00 pmThumpdaddy10:00 pm CST

sun29aug11:00 amJoe Restivo 411:00 am CST

sun29aug3:00 pmFrankie Hollie & the Noise3:00 pm CST

sun29aug7:00 pmJohnnymaestro’7:00 pm CST

mon30aug6:00 pmChris and Patrick Pietrangelo6:00 pm CST

tue31aug8:00 pmYonder Mountain String Band8:00 pm cst


thu09sep8:00 pmReckless Kelly8:00 pm cst

sun12sep7:00 pmSteve Hofstetter7:00 pm CST

sun26sep8:00 pmSon Volt with Special Guest Shannon McNally8:00 pm CST


thu07oct8:00 pmMac Sabbath8:00 pm CST

wed13oct7:00 pmThe Delta Bombers, Hillbilly Casino & VOLK7:00 pm CST


sun07nov4:00 pmJeffrey and The Pacemakers4:00 pm CST

thu11nov8:00 pmEdwin McCain8:00 pm CST

tue16nov8:00 pmBoDeans8:00 pm CST