Lafayette Music Room

2119 Madison Avenue

Events at this location


tue27feb6:00 pmBuddy Albert Nemenz6:00 pm CST

wed28feb7:00 pmBattle of the Bands7:00 pm cst


fri01mar6:00 pmArea 516:00 pm CST

fri01mar10:00 pmMustache The Band10:00 pm CST

sat02mar1:00 pmBruce and Lindsey Kee1:00 pm CST

sat02mar5:00 pmLandslide - A Tribute to the Music of Fleetwood Mac5:00 pm cst

sat02mar9:00 pmWALRUS9:00 pm CST

sun03mar11:00 amJoe Restivo 411:00 am CST

sun03mar3:00 pmScott Sudbury3:00 pm CST

sun03mar7:00 pmWill Tucker Band7:00 pm CST

mon04mar6:00 pmSteve Hopper6:00 pm CST

wed06mar6:00 pmRoxi Love6:00 pm CST

thu07mar7:00 pmMudflap King7:00 pm CST

fri08mar6:00 pmAmber McCain Band6:00 pm CST

fri08mar10:00 pmSouled Out10:00 pm CST

sat09mar5:00 pmJay Jones Band5:00 pm CST

sat09mar9:00 pmSeeing Red9:00 pm CST

sun10mar11:00 amJoe Restivo 411:00 am CST

sun10mar7:00 pmThe Pinch7:00 pm CST

mon11mar7:00 pmGeoff Tate7:00 pm cst

tue12mar6:00 pmRoyal Blues Band Jam6:00 pm CST

wed13mar6:00 pmShara's Songwriter Showcase6:00 pm CST

thu14mar7:00 pmDevil Train7:00 pm CST

fri15mar6:00 pmRice Drewry Collective6:00 pm CST

fri15mar10:00 pmThe SuperFive10:00 pm CST

sat16mar1:00 pmKevin & Bethany Paige (Duo)1:00 pm CST

sat16mar5:00 pmWhiskey South5:00 pm CST

sat16mar9:00 pmLucky 7 Brass Band9:00 pm CST

sun17mar11:00 amJoe Restivo 411:00 am CST

sun17mar3:00 pmRick Camp and the Suburban Trunk Monkeys3:00 pm CST

sun17mar7:00 pmPlay Some Skynyrd7:00 pm CST

mon18mar6:00 pmMemphis Knights Big Band6:00 pm CST

tue19mar6:00 pmLance & Madison6:00 pm cst

wed20mar6:00 pmAnimal Crackers6:00 pm CST

fri22mar10:00 pmTwin Soul10:00 pm CST

sat23mar1:00 pmAmber and Josh1:00 pm CST

sat23mar6:00 pmMemphis Soul Remedy6:00 pm CST

sat23mar9:00 pmContraband9:00 pm CST

sun24mar11:00 amJoe Restivo 411:00 am CST


mon25mar6:00 pmSwingtime Explosion Big Band6:00 pm CST

tue26mar6:00 pmBuddy Albert Nemenz6:00 pm CST

wed27mar7:00 pmBattle of the Bands7:00 pm cst

thu28mar7:00 pmKolby Cooper7:00 pm CST

fri29mar7:00 pmAlmost Elton John & The RocketMen7:00 pm CST

sat30mar5:00 pmCarlos Ecos Band5:00 pm CST

sat30mar10:00 pmAlmost Famous10:00 pm CST

sun31mar7:00 pmThe Lost 45s7:00 pm CST


wed10apr7:00 pmRay Wylie Hubbard7:00 pm CST

fri12apr10:00 pmDirtwire The Four Directions Tour with Will Evans10:00 pm CST

sun14apr7:00 pmZach Myers of Shinedown with Allen Mack Myers Moore and Campfire Astronauts (feat. Chris Porter) An Evening of Music & Comedy7:00 pm CST

thu25apr7:00 pmCledus T Judd7:00 pm CST

sun28apr7:00 pmJohn Craigie & Mason Jennings7:00 pm CST


thu16may7:00 pmTayTay Dance Party!7:00 pm CST