Kudzu Kings with Special Guest Cary Hudson


Kudzu Kings return yet again to Lafayette’s in Memphis, TN with original members Tate Moore, Robert Chaffe, Kudzu Dave Woolworth, Max Williams and George McConnell joined by drummer Jeff Colburn. The band has officially entered its 25th year with new material and plenty of energy and good times.

The Kings continue to play their burgeoning catalog of “true story” original rock, country, and “funktry” songs, tell unbelievable tales that involve talking dogs, and recite butchered literary quotes. This “Walt Disney” of bands appeals to the young, old and in between – there is something for everyone every night.

In preparation for the 25thAnniversary of the band, the University of Mississippi Blues Archives is archiving hundreds of live performances of the band along with posters, photos, documentaries, and other memorabilia collected along a rather prolific journey to date.  The band is also working on a commemorative release of live material, with plans to record new songs as well in 2019. Cary Hudson on stage at 7 pm / Kudzu Kings at 9:30 pm. Click here for tickets.

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